1 L  • 5 L


White, Rosé, Fruit

For treatment of oxidized must or wine or for preventative treatment of browning and pinking

Polycacel is an IOC blend of polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP), micropulverized cellulose and soluble casein for use on problem phenols associated with browning and pinking. Its proprietary formulation helps avoid the over-stripping sometimes associated with high doses of caseinates and PVPP. It can be used either preven­tatively in juice or in wine destined for prolonged tank storage. Wine flavors and aromas are enhanced while color is improved.

To Use: Several hours prior to use mix Polycacel into 20 times its weight in cool water (do not mix in juice or wine). Mix well and allow to sit for 2 hours. Add the mixture into the tank slowly; making sure the addition is thoroughly blended into the juice or wine being treated.

Storage: Dated expiration. Store in a dry, odor-free environment below 25ºC(77ºF).

Recommended Dosage


300-700 ppm 30-70 g/hL 2.5-5.8 lb/1000 gal


150-300 ppm 15-30 g/hL 1.25-2.5 lb/1000 gal

NOTE: Bench trials recommended.

Technical Documents