1-Step Alpha

Red, White
25 hL (660 gal) dose
100 hL (2,600 gal) dose
500 hL (13,000 gal) dose
1,000 hL (26,000 gal) dose

1-Step® Alpha (same strain as Enoferm Alpha) was selected by the ITV in France from a spontaneous malolactic fermentation. It shows good fermentation activity.

The 1-Step Alpha starter kit combines a highly effective malolactic starter culture with an activator to induce malolactic fermentation in an 18-24 hour acclimitization procedure.

Known strain that has proven effective at alcohol levels up to 15.5% (v/v), pH above 3.2, total SO2 up to 50 ppm, and temperature down to 14°C(57°F).

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