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Cleanskin was formulated in 2002 by AiRD chemistry in conjunction with the Australian wine industry. It is now recognized as the benchmark product for one-process non-caustic cleaning. This proprietary cleaner can be used in the winery to remove wine tartar, color materials, protein and organic soils. This multi-purpose cleaner for stainless steel and associated materials is sodium carbonate based. Cleanskin also contains proprietary percarbonates, chelation and sequestering aids, polysurfactants and a rinse-aid, thus eliminating the need for a citric acid neutralizing rinse.

Cleanskin has a sister product Cleanskin-K which is a potassium based formulation. Determine which member of the Cleanskin family you should use based on your waste water system requirements (sodium or potassium).

Cleanskin is a 100% active, water soluble cleaner with no fillers.

Cleanskin contains no chlorine, phosphates or halogen based compounds

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