Winery Surfaces, Tanks, Lines, Equipment
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Destainex products are proprietary sodium percarbonate based cleaning agents with sanitizing abilities. These highly effective formulations can be used at low levels to remove wine color, protein stains, mold, mildew, and biofilms from wine contact surfaces such as: stainless steel, galvanized metals, concrete, polyethylene (low and high density),polypropylene, plastics, flexible hoses, glass and powder-coated surfaces.

Destainex products can be used in both automated (CIP) and manual systems. The sodium percarbonate in Destainex products are complemented with proprietary surfactants and chelation agents, water conditioning materials and rinse aids for a bright, clean and spot free neutral surface.

Recommended Dosage


Cleaning is most effective when soft or treated warm water is used.

Choose Destainex-LF rather than Destainex if used in an  application where low foam is desired.

Prepare appropriate volume of potable hot water 40-60°C(104-140°F) and accurately measure the correct weight of your Destainex product.  Slowly add the powder into the water mixing until a consistent solution is obtained. Initially the prepared solution will appear milky, but will soon clarify. Once the solution has clarified it is ready for use. Destainex products can be used manually, or with an automated CIP system. Contact time is based on water temperature and quality, amount of Destainex product used and turbulence of contact. Conduct trials to determine contact time. Average contact time is 20 minutes.


Store in a dry, odor free environment between 10–20°C(50–68°F) away from sunlight.

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