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Scott’Tan™ Tannin Estate can help compensate for lack of tannins in finished wine without the “dryness” associ­ated with barrels. It enhances mid-palate and complex­ity while providing a measure of anti-oxidant protec­tion. Fruit characters can be enhanced. Tannin Estate is especially recommended when using older, tannin depleted barrels.

Recommended Dosage

Prior to Barrel Aging Red Wine
50-300 ppm
5-30 g/hL
0.42-2.5 lb/1000 gal
Prior to Bottling (3-6 weeks) or During Rackings
50-100 ppm
5-10 g/hL
0.42-0.83 lb/1000 gal


During transfer or racking add Tannin Estate into the wine. Mix well to assure homogeneity. Ad­ditions may be made during the first 2-3 rackings, followed by organoleptic evaluation. First additions should be made 3-6 weeks before bottling to allow for polymerization and settling.


Dated expiration. Unopened the shelf life is 5 years at 18ºC(65ºF). Once opened keep tightly sealed and dry.

Product Notes

Tannin Estate is best used prior to barrel aging. This encourages tannin integration in the wine over time. It may also dramatically improve a red wine when added prior to bottling. At this stage, Tannin Estate should be added at least six weeks before bottling to allow reaction and polymerization. Successful additions can be made closer to bottling, but this may result in less throughput during filtration.

Technical Documents

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