Clear Up Bio

Rosé, White
1 kg

FermControl™ Clear Bio up is a highly purified yeast cell wall product. The Special washing and production process ensures a high absorption capacity of various substances which act inhibitory or have a negative sensory impact on the wine. FermControl™ Clear Bio up can also be used to make sensory corrections in the presence of volatile phenols. The third application is to increase the inner surface in heavily pre-clarified musts, which will result in better yeast dynamics and higher final fermentation gravity in sugar-rich juices.

  • Removes inhibitory medium chain fatty acids in the must or young wine.
  • Binds a number of pesticides residues and mycotoxins, which all have yeast inhibitory effects.
  • Can reduce the content of volatile phenols (e.g. by Brettanomyces) notably.
  • Improves sensory of wines from stressed fermentations.
  • Eliminates sulphur off-flavours in young wines.
  • Correction of Colour problems in white wines, Blanc de Noirs and rosé-wine.
  • Ideal for increasing the internal surface with heavily pre-clarified musts, e.g. flotation.
  • No negative impact on sensory characteristics.

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