Fermaid A


Fermaid A™ is a complex yeast nutrient blend of inactivated yeast (organic YAN; alphaaminonitrogen) and diammonium phosphate (inorganic YAN). The available YAN in themust/juice directly impacts the fermentation rate and the formation of flavor-active volatilecompounds. The inorganic and amino nitrogen blend in Fermaid A is aimed at encouraginga more balanced rate of fermentation. An addition elevates the yeast’s intracellularamino nitrogen reserve reducing the chances of a stuck or sluggish fermentation. For best results, Fermaid A should be used in conjunction with an appropriate yeast rehydrationnutrient (such as Go-Ferm or Go-Ferm Protect).

Recommended Dosage

10-30 g/hL
0.8-2.4 lb/1000 gal
Fermaid A
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