NewFT Blanc Citrus

Cider, Rosé, White
5 kg
1 kg

New in 2015, Scott’Tan™ FT Blanc Citrus is a mixture of condensed tannins extracted from citrus wood and gallic tannins. The use of FT Blanc Citrus during the course of alcoholic fermentation, and in combination with yeast strains with a marked beta-glycosidase activity (such as Alchemy II, 71B, VIN 2000, NT 116, Rhône 4600, VIN 13, QA23 and 58W3), allows for the development of enhanced aromatic potential. The resulting wines may present more intense aromas of lemon, grapefruit, apple and white flowers, which complement varietal aromas and those produced during fermentation. Scott’Tan FT Blanc Citrus also protects the must and wine from oxidation.

Recommended Dosage

White, Cider
20–150 ppm
2–15 g/hL
0.17–1.25 lb/1000 gal
Rosé Must
50–150 ppm
5–15 g/hL
0.42–1.2 lb/1000 gal


In order to benefit from the effect of the sensory aromatic precursors produced from the tannin, FT Blanc Citrus should be added during alcoholic fermentation, within 24-48 hours after yeast inoculation. Dissolve in ten times its weight in water or must and add during a punch-down or pump-over.


Dated expiration. Unopened: store the product in a dry, cool and wellventilated place. Opened package: carefully reseal and store for use in the same harvest year.

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