FT ColorMax

Fruit, Red
1 kg

New in 2012, Scott’Tan™ FT ColorMax is a natural catechin product developed for its superior ability to stabilize color. Its special formulation goes into solution more easily than conventional fermentation tannin products. It is intended for use in conjunction with FT Rouge. Wines made with FT ColorMax tend to have a softer palate than those made with FT Rouge alone.

Recommended Dosage

Red Must
100-300 ppm
10-30 g/hl
0.8-2.5 lb/1000 gal


Add FT ColorMax at ⅓ sugar depletion. If a cold soak has been done, add FT ColorMax during the first pump-over.


Dated expiration. Unopened the shelf life is 5 years at 18ºC (65ºF). Once opened keep tightly sealed and dry.

Technical Documents

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