FT Rouge

Fruit, Red
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Scott’Tan™ FT Rouge is a proprietary tannin specifically formulated for the North American market. It is a blend of highly reactive tannins derived from exotic woods and chestnut. The addition of FT Rouge at the beginning of red wine fermentation helps preserve the grapes’ natural tannins so they can combine with anthocyanins to cre­ate optimal stable color. Mouthfeel is also enhanced. FT Rouge provides anti-oxidative protection and will inhibit oxidative enzymes (such as laccase) associated with browning.

Recommended Dosage

Red Vinifera Must
200-500 ppm
20-50 g/hL
1.6-4.0 lb/1000 gal
Red Non-Vinifera Must
300-600 ppm
30-60 g/hL
2.5-5.0 lb/1000 gal
200-500 ppm
20-50 g/hL
1.6-4.0 lb/1000 gal


Gradually sprinkle FT Rouge directly on grapes at the crusher or add to the must during a pump-over to obtain good homogenization. If subse­quent additions of FT Rouge are desired, this can be done in increments of 0.5 lb/1000 gal (63 ppm) during pump-overs. If an addition of FT Rouge (or FT Rouge Soft) is made post-fermentation, we recommend wait­ing 3-6 weeks after the tannin addition before racking, fining, filtering or bottling.


Dated expiration. Unopened the shelf life is 5 years at 18ºC(65ºF). Once opened keep tightly sealed and dry.

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