Cider, Fruit, Red, Rosé, White
1 L

Gelocolle is an aqueous solution of suspended silica commonly used in conjunction with gelatins, isinglass and other organic fining agents. It helps compact lees and reduces the risk of overfining. It is also useful for hard-to-filter wines where it helps chelate proteins and other compounds.

Recommended Dosage

200-1000 ppm
20-10 mL/hL
0.75-3.8 L/1000 gal
Note: Bench trials recommended


Gelocolle should be added directly into the wine 1 hour after fining with organic fining agents. Mix thoroughly.


Dated expiration. Store in a dry well-ventilated environment between 10-20°C(50-68°F). Gelocolle solidifies at temperatures of less than 0°C(32°F). This process is irreversible. Once opened, use immediately

Product Notes

Use 1.0 mL of Gelocolle to 1.0 mL of gelatin

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