Go-Ferm Protect EvolutionNew Name

2.5 kg

Go-Ferm Protect Evolution was previously known as Go-Ferm Protect, Fortiferm or Enoferm Protect.

Go-Ferm Protect® Evolution is a natural yeast rehydration nutrient developed specifical­ly for problem musts and stuck fermentations. It is certified organic by OMRI. Difficult fermentation conditions may include overripe fruit (>28°B), marginal fruit quality (poorly developed fruit, Botrytis, rot, high bacteria count, insecticide or fungicide residue), low nutrient levels and overclarified juice.

Go-Ferm Protect is the result of a multi-year study of prob­lem fermentations by Lallemand and National Agricultural Research Institute (INRA) in France. Their scientists found that in problem musts deficiencies in sterols and polyun­saturated fatty acids can leave yeast susceptible to osmotic shock, ethanol toxicity, temperature and other stress factors. The NATSTEP™ (NATural STErol Protection) process was designed to meet these fermentation challenges.

Go-Ferm Protect incorporates sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids (for cell protection) together with vitamins and minerals to help ensure yeast survival and to help main­tain fermentation activity to completion. Go-Ferm Protect provides a combination of protective and nutritive benefits for optimal fermentation results.

Recommended Dosage

30 g/hL
2.5 lb/1000 gal


  1. Mix Go-Ferm Protect Evolution in 20 times its weight in clean 43°C(110°F) water. For every 1 kg (2.2 lb) Go-Ferm Protect Evolution, use approximately 5 gallons of water.
  2. Let the mixture cool to 40°C(104°F) then add the active dried yeast.
  3. Let stand for 20 minutes.
  4. Slowly (over 5 minutes) add equal amounts of must (juice) to be fermented to the yeast slurry. Watch the temperature difference. Do not allow more than 10°C(18°F) difference between the must (juice) and the yeast slurry. Atemperate as neces­sary.


Dated expiration. Store at 18°C(65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.

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