Inodose Tablets

2 g (42/box)
5 g (48/box)

 Inodose Tablets are a blend of potassiom metabisulfite and potassium bicarbonate. They are packaged in 2g and 5g doseage levels.

The effervescent action of the bicarbonate provides mixing in barrels or small tanks while reducing time and labour needed for stirring. The easy-to-use tablet form helps prevent overdose problems associated with most other forms of SO2 additions. Sealed strip packages keep unused tablets fresh for optimal potency. The potassium bicarbonate fraction in these tablets has little to no effect on pH.


Inodose Granules and Tablets can be used for various applications:

  • In gondolas or picking bins to inhibit oxidation of grapes and juice, especially from Botrytis or mold.
  • To inhibit indigenous yeast and bacteria.
  • In tanks before fermentation and directly into barrels after malolactic fermentation.
  • During transport of must or juice.
  • To make sulfite additions to barrels.


Store in a dry, well ventilated environment at temperatures below 250C (770F). Once the blister pack has been opened, the tablet should be used immediately.

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