Inogum 300

Cider, Fruit, Mead, Red, Rosé, White
1 L

Inogum 300 is a clear, 25% solution of purified liquid gum arabic derived from Acacia verek. Gum arabic products help reduce the risk of colloidal deposits collecting in the bottle in wines bottled without filtration. Its colloidal protection helps prevent precipitation of unstable color while preserving flavor and structure.

Recommended Dosage

400-700 ppm
40-70 mL/hL
1.5-2.65 L/1000 gal


Inogum 300 should be the last commercial product added to a wine. Ideally it should be added to wine using a dosing pump. If the wine is to be fi ltered it is recommended that the additions be done 24-72 hours prior to the membrane fi ltration and that fi lterability trials be conducted. If the wine is not to be fi ltered Inogum 300 may be used immediately prior to bottling.


Dated expiration. Store in a dry, well-ventilated environment at temperatures less than 25°C(77°F).

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