100 g

Lallzyme MMX™ is a betaglucanase and pectinase blend. Due to the synergistic activities of the glucanase and pectinase blend, Lallzyme MMX improves the filterability of botrytised wines. This enzyme blend was developed by Lallemand to improve the short maceration of wine on lees. Lallzyme MMX contains betaglucanase activities derived from Trichoderma harzianum. Enzymes from this source are listed in CFR 24.250.


Recommended Dosage

Crushed Grapes
Not recommended
Not recommended
1-5 g/hL
40-190 g/1000 gal


Dissolve Lallzyme MMX in 10 times its weight in water, gently stir, allow to sit for a few minutes and then add to the wine.


Dated expiration. Store dry enzyme at 25°C(77°F). Once rehydrated use within a few hours.

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