Nutrient Vit End

2.5 kg

Nutrient Vit End™ is a specific inactivated yeast devel­oped by the Lallemand research and development group. It has high bio-adsorptive properties for short and me­dium chain fatty acids and fungicides which can cause problem fermentations. Saturated fatty acids modify the yeast sugar transport capacity by interfering with the membrane sugar transport proteins. When used during fermentation it can help minimize the risk of sluggish or stuck fermentations. It can also be used to help restart a sluggish or stuck fermentation.

Recommended Dosage

30 g/hL
2.5 lb/1000 gal
Sluggish or Stuck Wine
40 g/hL
3.3 lb/1000 gal


Suspend Nutrient Vit End in water, juice or wine and mix well before adding to juice or must. If using with a stuck or sluggish fermentation, allow to settle and rack off prior to restart.


Store in a cool and dry environment below 25°C(77°F). Product shelf-life is 3 years from manufac­turing date.

Technical Documents

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