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ProMalic® was created by Proenol (in collaboration with Lallemand) as a good alternative to malolactic fermentation or chemical deacidification. Schizosaccharomyces pombe metabolizes malic acid into ethanol. It is usually considered a spoilage organism due to its production of off-characters when left too long in the wine after fermentation. Now that it has been encapsulated in double-layered alginate beads it can be removed once the desired malic level is reached. ProMalic is added to the juice at the beginning of alcoholic fermentation and removed once the desired malic level is achieved.


  1. Remove the beads from the 4°C(40°F) storage temperature and allow them to adjust to room temperature.
  2. Place the beads in barrel or tank sized ProMesh bag(s). Use 2 bags/barrel (82 g/bag) and no more than 5 kg (11 lb)/tank bag.
  3. Distribute the beads evenly throughout the bag(s) to ensure good contact with the rehydration solution.
  4. In a clean container, add 40 g/L (151 g/gal) sugar into a volume of clean, 28-30°C(82-86°F) water, 5 times the weight of the beads. (For example: 1 bag beads (2.2 lb) x 5 = 11 ÷ 8.33 lb/gal water = 1.32 gal water = 196 g sugar/1.32 gal water.)
  5. Once the sugar dissolves, add the bag(s) containing the beads to the rehydration solution.
  6. Wait 4-5 hours before inoculation.
    Note: The sugar solution does not get added to the juice.
  7. Once the beads are properly rehydrated, suspend the bag(s) in the juice at the start of alcoholic fermentation.
  8. The temperature difference between the beads and the wine should be less than 10°C(18°F).
  9. The free SO2 in the must has to be below 14 mg/L.
  10. Shake the bag(s) 2-3 times daily and stir tanks daily to help eliminate CO2 adhering to the beads.
  11. Remove each bag when the desired malic level is reached.


Dated expiration. Store at 4°C(40°F). Once opened use immediately.

Product Notes

Each 1 kilo bag will treat approximately 264 gallons.

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