Encapsulated Yeast
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ProRestart® was created by Proenol (in collaboration with Lallemand) for completing sluggish and stuck fermentations effectively. It has been acclimated to high alcohol and other harsh conditions prior to being encapsulated in the alginate beads. This conditioning allows the yeast cells to work to metabolize residual sugars in sluggish or stuck wine. It can help decrease spoilage risks related to microbiological contamination and consequently helps preserve wine quality.

ProRestart can be effective when utilized within the following specific wine parameters:

Potential alcohol < 15.5% (v/v)
Free SO2 < 20 mg/L pH > 3.0
Residual sugar May work as low as 10 g/L of sugar
Volatile acidity < 0.61 g/L (acetic acid)
Temperature Optimal 20–22°C(68–72°F) Range 12–25°C(54–77°F)

All of these parameters act in balance with one another. It is critical to manage them together. For example, if you have a red wine with high alcohol and high SO2, increase the temperature to 20-25°C(68-77°F).

Note: 25°C(77°F) is a higher temperature than we recommend when using traditional restart protocols.

If harsh wine conditions exist, a more rigorous rehydration protocol may be required. If conditions fall outside of the recommended wine parameters, a traditional build-up method is necessary.

Recommended Dosage

75 g/hL
6.0 lb/1000 gal
Note: Each 1 kilo bag will treat approximately 360 gallons


First analyze the sluggish or stuck wine for microbial contamination.  If necessary, treat the wine prior to adding the ProRestart. See our Recommended Method To Rehydrate ProRestart


Dated expiration. Store at 4°C(40°F). Do not freeze. Once opened use immediately

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