Clear Extreme

100 g

The varieties of American and hybrid grapes can be difficult to clarify because of the special characteristics of these grapes and the cold weather conditions of treatment. Rapidase Clear Extreme can be used after pressing to help preserve the aromatic freshness, reduce viscosity, improve the clarity of the juice, to compact the Lees and speed up the clarification, even in difficult conditions (low temperature, low pH level, difficult to settle varieties). Rapidase Clear Extreme will remain active from 6 to 50 ° C (43 to 122 ° F).

Recommended Dosage

6 - 10°C (43 - 50°F)
4 g/hL
152 g/1000 gal
10 - 12°C (50 - 54°F)
2 g/hL
76 g/1000 gal
Above 12 ° C (54 ° F)
1 g/hL
38 g/1000 gal
The settling time is less than six (6) hours above 10˚C (50 ° F)
3 g/hL
114 g/1000 gal 
Note: Adjust the dosage based on the temperature


Dissolve Rapidase Clear Extreme in ten (10) times its weight in water, stir gently, let stand for a few minutes. Add the juice immediately after pressing.


This product has an expiry date. Store refrigerated at a temperature of 4-8 ° C (40-45 ° F).

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