RHÔNE 2056

Barbera, Grenache, Red French Hybrids, Syrah, Zinfandel
500 g
10 kg

Isolated and selected in the northern Côtes du Rhône by the University of Nantes (ITV) in France in collaboration with the research center of Inter Rhône.

Low producer of SO2 and VA over a wide temperature range and can tolerate alcohol up to 16% (v/v). Has relatively high nutrient requirements.

Expresses varietal character, retains good color and is excellent for fruit forward styles.

Wines made with Lalvin RHÔNE 2056® have been shown to be interesting and complex when blended following fermentation with wines made with T73 or ICV D254.

Alcohol Tolerance 16%
Relative Nitrogen Needs Medium
Temperature Range 59-82° F
Fermentation Speed Moderate
Competitive Factor Yes
MLF Compatibility Good
Sensory Effects Esters

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