RHÔNE 4600

Chardonnay, Marsanne, Rosé, Rousanne, Syrah, Viognier
500 g

Isolated from the Côtes du Rhône region in France in collabora­tion with the research center of Inter Rhône.

Lalvin Rhône 4600® has a short lag phase, low nutrient demand and can ferment efficiently at low tempera­tures (13.5°C/56°F).

Produces high levels of polysaccharides which contrib­ute intense mouthfeel and volume.

Complex aromatic notes and elevated ester produc­tion such as tropical (pineapple) and fresh fruit (apple, pear, strawberry) make this strain an ideal choice for rosé wines and Rhône whites. Useful for blending.

Alcohol Tolerance 15%
Relative Nitrogen Needs Low
Temperature Range 56-72° F
Fermentation Speed Moderate
Competitive Factor Yes
MLF Compatibility Good
Sensory Effects Esters

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