Scott Lenticular Filter Housings

  • Material in 316L stainless steel, sanitary construction with electro polish
  • Equipped with sanitary pressure gauges, two butterfly valves and fittings
  • Vent valve and drain included with the housing
  • A 12” 3-high lenticular housing can hold the equivalent of almost 34 40×40 filter sheets.
  • Filtration without product losses due to an enclosed design
  • Filter requires less space than a standard plate filter due to its vertical design
  • Simple to load and break down – no need for wetting and retightening
  • Housings can be loaded with as few as one filter module*

Filter modules can be back flushed and reused multiple times**

* Additional equipment required.

** When using Pall SupraDisc II filter modules.

Technical Documents

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