Red, Rosé, White
500 g

Scott’Tan™ FINESSE was developed as a stylistically New World finishing tannin, but with an eye on organoleptic balance. This proprietary tannin has shown to lower the perception of alcohol and hotness in reds and as well as perceived “biting” acidity in whites. Aromatically, it can exhibit tropical notes in chardonnay and red fruit in cabernet sauvignon. Scott’Tan FINESSE will also heighten perception of oak and sweetness.

Recommended Dosage

Red, White and Rosé
30-150 ppm
3-15 g/hL
0.25-1.2 lb/1000 gal


Gradually add Scott’Tan FINESSE into the wine during a transfer or blending, mixing well to achieve homegeneity. After additions with FINESSE, we recommend continuing racking as normal. Final additions should be made at least three weeks prior to bottling.


Dated expiration. Unopened, the shelf-life is 5 years at 18°C(65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.

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