Color Pro

1 kg (890 ml)
25 kg (22.25 L)

Scottzyme® Color Pro is a specialty pectinase with protease sideactivities. These side-activities are important for helping break down the cell walls of red grapes to gently extract more anthocyanins, polymeric phenols and tannins. This gentle extraction creates wines that are rounder in mouthfeel and bigger in structure, with improved color stability. Wines made with Color Pro tend to have increased tannins, improved clarity and reduced herbaceous or “veggie” character. Lower doses of Color Pro are recommended for red varieties that are underripe, low in anthocyanins or high in seed tannins. For “big” reds from ripe fruit with mature seeds, higher doses of Color Pro are recommended.

Color Pro is also used in white winemaking for settling and clarifying juice. The improved clarification helps lead to more compact lees, less fining, cleaner fermentation and easier filtration.


Recommended Dosage

Red Crushed Grapes
60-100 ml/ton
Red Juice
Best used before fermentation
Red Wine
Best used before fermentation
White Crushed Grapes
15-30 mL/ton
White Juice
2-4 mL/hL
75-150 ml/1000 gal
White Wine
2.6-5.3 mL/hL
100-200 ml/1000 gal



Dilute Scottzyme Color Pro to approximately a 10% solution in cool water. Sprinkle the solution over the crushed grapes or add during a pump-over before alcoholic fermentation. If adding to wine, gently mix a 10% solution into the tank for even dispersion. Best used before fermentation.


Sprinkle a 10% solution over crushed grapes or add to juice before the start of alcoholic fermentation.


Store at 4°C(40°F) for 1-2 years. Keep tightly sealed and refrigerated once opened.

Product Notes

Choosing Color Pro or Color X?

It is important to know your grapes. Scottzymes will have little effect on overall color if your grapes are deficient in compounds contributing to color (anthocyanins, tannins, cofactors, etc.). Color X and Color Pro both facilitate the extraction and stabilization of compounds already in the grapes. If the grapes lack some of the pieces of this complex puzzle, the color effect due to the Scottzymes may be negligible. Trials, however, have shown changes in mouthfeel and structure even when color change has been minimal.

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