1 kg (890 mL)
25 kg (22.25 L)

Scottzyme® HC is a pectinase and hemicellulase blend designed to increase yield, reduce solids and improve filtration. It is a strong enzyme useful for hard-to-press or slimy grapes (such as Concords) and for pome (apple or pear) or stone (pitted) fruits. It is best used in conjunction with Scottzyme Pec5L.

Recommended Dosage

Crushed Fruit
60-100 mL/ton
5.3-7.9 mL
200-300 mL/1000 gal
6.6-9.2 mL/hL
250-350 mL/1000 gal


Dilute Scottzyme HC to approximately a 10% solution in cool water. Sprinkle the solution over the crushed fruit or add during a tank mixing before alcoholic fermentation. If adding to wine, gently mix a 10% solution into the tank for even dispersion.


Store at 4°C(40°F) for 1-2 years. Keep tightly sealed and refrigerated once opened.

Technical Documents

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