#F: 31-15230
15 kg
#P: 31-15234
15 kg

The VarioFluxx® filtration aid consists of a mixture of selected types of perlite, combined with special cellulose fibres from the high‐purity CelluFluxx® series. The individual mixed products are adapted to the specific beverage filtration or sediment processing requirements and are used for accurate filter cake permeability adjustment.

VarioFluxx® F
Very fine filtration aid for intentional filter cake thickening during precoat filtration. VarioFluxx® F is used to increase intentional reduction of turbidity during precoat filtration. The admixing or exclusive use of VarioFluxx® F will thicken the filter cake and consequently significantly improve the clarification effect.

VarioFluxx® P
Filtration aid for intentional increase of filter cake permeability (drainage effect) when processing sediment. Ideal as a filtration aid when processing flotation and sedimentation lees using a chamber filter press.  Other applications:
As a filtration aid for preclarification of the entire volume of must (must filtration).

  • To form a perfect filter cake in a rotary vacuum filter.
  • The use of VarioFluxx® P is in particular recommended if a filter cake with increased filter cake permeability is required. The embedded cellulose fibres help to reinforce the filter cake, significantly reducing the tendency to cracking.



VarioFluxx® filtration aids must be stored in a dry, odour‐free place. Containers which have been opened should be immediately tightly sealed.

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