Velo Crossflow

Specifically developed for wine clarification, the TMC offers compactness, ease of operation and high quality filtration. The concept behind the Crossflow system is “Set and Forget” and this is exactly what the Crossflow delivers. Automated cycles for filtration and cleaning allow the Crossflow unit to virtually run without the need for an operator. The savings on filtrations are not limited to labor as media costs are also minimized compared to pad or D.E filtrations.

Crossflow units have been designed to accommodate virtually any number of elements to increase desired capacity. Units in standard production include 1,2,3,7,14,28 and 56 element designs. Each element has a maximum flow rate of 600 liters or 160 gallons per hour. Therefore a three-element machine could have a maximum flow rate of up to 1,800 l/hr or 480gal/hr.

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Velo Crossflow
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