Velo Lees & Combination Plate & Frame Filters

Velo Lees (recessed plate) filters are available in sizes ranging from 400mm X 400mm to 800mm X 800mm with chassis sizes from 20 to 100 recessed chambers (depending on the size of the filter and customer requirements).

The Velo Combi Filter Model 40X40 F/V is capable of both lees and plate filtration. The filter is stainless steel on wheels and includes a stainless steel piston pump, Noryl end plates, manual or hydraulic closure, inlet and outlet valves with sightglasses, diaphragm gauges, drip pan, and sample cocks. Recessed chamber elements and/or Noryl plates are then added according to need. Operating pressure is 12 bar and is automatic in lees filtration mode.

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Velo Lees & Combination Plate & Frame Filters
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