Barbera, Mourvedre, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Zinfandel
500 g

Selected by Centro De Investigaciones Agrarias  (CIDA) in Logroño, Spain.

Has a short lag phase and a steady fermentation rate with low VA production. With properly integrated nu­trition, Uvaferm VRB® can have an alcohol tolerance of up to 17% (v/v) over a wide temperature range.

This Rioja region selection helps create exceptional flavor complexity while softening tannins and improving mid-palate mouthfeel. Enhances varietal characteristics, ester production and has good compatibility with malolactic fermentation.

Its flavor attributes are often described as ripe fruit, jam, hazelnut and dried plums.

Alcohol Tolerance 17%
Relative Nitrogen Needs Medium
Temperature Range 58-80° F
Fermentation Speed Moderate
Competitive Factor Neutral
MLF Compatibility Good
Sensory Effects Mouthfeel
Enhanced Varietal Character

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